The trouble with going travelling…

Travelling is all very well and good, but it requires so much damn preparation. Every area of my life has been touched by this:

  • Home: My flat is a tip. My partner and I have been slowly packing up all of our belongings, which admittedly isn’t all that much. Still, trying to condense two rooms and three years of stuff into a few boxes is no mean feat. Not to mention having to live crammed among aforementioned boxes for over two weeks whilst getting all contact details for us changed.
  • Work: I finished work on Friday having spent a week writing up 17 pages of handover notes. Already the World Travel Guide offices seem a world away and I’ve remembered a number of things I should have done but didn’t. Just hoping nobody will notice…
  • Friends: I’m still recovering from Saturday night’s leaving party, although I suspect most people just came to scavenge through the piles of stuff we’re throwing out. At least it made packing easier, although, I must say, not a lot got done on Sunday – heaving boxes around on a hangover induces vomity feelings.
  • Family: I’m going to miss them! It’s my uncle’s 50th birthday this weekend, so that will be a good chance to see everyone before we leave. Also, Craig’s brother Paul is coming to London from Canada for a couple of days, and it’ll be great to see him. On the other hand, does all this have to happen three days before we leave?
  • Career: I wish I hadn’t left it to the last minute to attempt to establish myself as a travel writer and set up a website. Much as I love the researching, I do wish people would just come to me with news of new and quirky tours, hotels and experiences, instead of me having to persuade them to let me visit. Plus, building a website is really hard.
  • Health: In a laughable attempt to get my body holiday ready I’ve had a bikini wax (ouch) and a full leg wax (ouch ouch). What was I thinking! I’m going to North India where I’ll have to keep myself respectfully covered at all times! On the other hand, the eyebrow shape and eyelash and brow tint were actually worth it. Oh, and the stress, of course… My ears are ringing like it’s the end of the world!

All I need now is a divorce and a driving test, to really push those stress levels higher. Luckily, I’m not married, and I passed my driving test ten years ago. Now that’s a scary thought…


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