Things to do before travelling

With less than a day to go before setting off for a year of travelling I’ve been acting a little erratically. Things that really aren’t that important (hair removal) suddenly seem far more important than the essentials (visas), leading me to make irrational decisions, often late at night.

Here are a few things I wish I’d done, and some I wish I hadn’t.

Things I wish I’d already done:

  • Learned Hindi and Spanish
  • Booked our hotel in Delhi for the first two nights
  • Got some travellers cheques arranged
  • Ordered my daily contact lenses earlier so they’d definitely be here before we leave
  • Packed up the flat and put everything into storage
  • Practised touching my toes so I won’t look like a complete cretin doing yoga in India
  • Built up my tolerance of spicy foods
  • Learnt the art of threading or had laser hair removal
  • Sorted out a job for when I get back
  • Sorted out a home for when we get back

Things I wish I hadn’t already done:

  • Paid for and received a tourist visa before realising I’d need a journalist visa
  • Leg and bikini wax over one week before leaving
  • Broken the washing machine
  • Picked that juicy spot on my chin

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