Jet lag

View from our (otherwise very nice) hotel in DelhiI’m suffering from jet lag. I must have got about two hours of sleep on the night flight from London Heathrow to Delhi – I blame Virgin’s superb in-flight entertainment system – and then last night I lay frustrated and awake until early morning. My eye bags are vast.

This is despite using Healthspan’s Happy Days, which is meant to help “maintain the levels of serotonin in your brain…to gently lift mood, reduce anxiety and induce normal sleep”. I suppose I’m just too excited about what we’ve got coming up!  The Tisserand Travel Ease is helping to liven me up during the day at least.

Last night I was first of all kept awake by thoughts of press tours and hotel reviews, then by general thrills of travelling in India. I read my book (John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas), listened to a couple of podcasts (Stephen Fry and Stuff You Missed in History Class) and a bit of Norah Jones (usually guaranteed to send me off to sleep) and finally drifted off at about 4am local time, only to be awoken by a phone call inviting me to a cookery demonstration, courtesy of Indian Odyssey, at 9am. Not that I’m complaining! Off to Connaught Place now, in an effort to buy a decent day bag and some clothes smart enough for our next stop, Ananda. A few days of yoga, meditation and treatments there should sort me out…

2 Responses to “Jet lag”
  1. Mum says:

    It’s all coming back to me now and really wish I was there too!! Methinks you’ll be spoilt at Ananda though ….. how’s the lassi??

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