The next phase – Brazil to Canada overland

After a three-month stint in India, Craig and I fly to Rio today. Two weeks rest, recuperation and website building in the UK have replenished our travel reserves, stopped us spending the rapidly diminishing budget every single day, and plumped us up on good old home-cooked food. We’re ready for the off.

It’s a massive undertaking – one of the world’s most epic overland journeys, plus one of the world’s greatest train journeys – but someone’s got to do it.

Why the Americas?

Would it be wrong to say, because it’s one of the longest overland journeys you can do? I’ve already travelled from Holland to Singapore overland, which is about as far as you can travel, latitudinally speaking, and this longitudinal epic was the obvious next adventure!

The array of things to do and see is mind-boggling. I want to see where chocolate comes from, climb an ancient Incan ruin a la 80s cartoon Mysterious Cities of Gold, swim with a blue whale and make believe I’m a cowpoke. From the excesses of Las Vegas to the starkness of the Bolivian salt plains, what’s not to get excited about?

Basic itinerary

After the first flight to Rio, part two sees us journey the length of the globe, from Brazil to Canada. Of course, it will all be done overland, unless you count a boat from Columbia to Central America as cheating. If you do, then tough – we’d rather take our chances with overzealous guardians of overland travel than the kidnappers and outlaws of the deadly Darien Gap!

From Rio, we head inland to Buenos Aires before travelling up Chile to Bolivia, where we plan to spend a month having a good look around. From Bolivia, it’ll be Peru and, of course, a visit to Macchu Piccu, but perhaps not in the usual way… If there’s any way we can pay a visit to the Galapagos Islands, we’ll take it (but it’s looking increasingly unlikely), otherwise, it’s on to Central America, via Colombia, where the delights of Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala await. If there’s a chance to spend time in Belize we’ll seize it.

Mexico is next, and hopefully a chance to see some whales in the Sea of Cortez before hitting the USA. The Pacific Coast Highway is our goal here, with a possible side trip to Las Vegas. We’ll cross the border into Canada, visit some friends and family in BC, before travelling across the Rockies and vast expanses of prairies to Winnipeg, where Craig was born and raised. From there we’ll nip across and down to Chicago to fly home. Alternatively, we’ll cross the vast expanse of Canada by train and spend a few weeks exploring Quebec.

Then I expect we’ll spend a few months scratching our heads, rubbing our eyes, and wondering where the year went until we’re forced to buckle down to something called ‘work’.


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