Is the Brazillian Executivo the best bus in the world?

Crap picture of a great bus! © Craig FastLeg 1: Rio de Janeiro to Campo Grande, The Pantanal (22 hours)

Five days in Rio de Janeiro is not nearly long enough to do the city justice but we are itching to start our overland trip. Somewhat reluctantly we made the decision to move on.

For the princely sum of R$250 each we’re now on our way to Campo Grande, gateway to The Pantanal. Expensive indeed, but this is by far the best bus I have ever been on: wide, padded seats that recline by almost 90º, air conditioning, footrests that swing up to support the backs of my legs, televisions, free water, rubbish bag, blanket, pillow and best of all, big windows. Good suspension too – the gentle rocking motion means that, come night, it’s like sleeping in a crib! Twenty-two hours on this bus will be over too soon.

If we’d known better, we would have booked the front seats for fantastic views ahead and to the side.

Why can’t we have buses like this in the UK?!

Apparently the Argentinean buses are even better, with champagne and meals. We’ll see…


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