Overland Traveller’s blog is the place I rant, rave and let rip about those niggly bits of life on the road.

My website is where I publish my (usually) more serious musings and travel tips.

Who am I?

Me downing mint tea in MarrakechI am Emma Field, freelance writer and editor.

A fan of overland travel since birth (the only way my mum could get me to settle was to spike my milk with whiskey and take me for a drive), in my world not only are trains, buses and boats cheaper and greener than aeroplanes, they’re also more gratifying, satisfying and rewarding. According to me, when it comes to getting there, taking your time and watching the landscape evolve in front of your eyes beats arriving  jet lagged and unacclimatised every time.

My professional best bits

In July 2009 I recklessly quit my job as Acting Head of Editorial for Columbus Travel Media to travel from Brazil to Canada without setting foot in an aeroplane. Since then I have become one of The Travel Editor’s most-viewed authors, with nearly 60,000 page views and 69 fans. I have been published in Black Meringue (an alternative bridal magazine), The Independent Traveller, Toronto Star, Metro, Exmoor the Country Magazine, Stanfords.co.uk and Worldtravelguide.net. I am the author of online guides to Manitoba, Cusco and Bath and am working on one to India. In a successful bid to learn Dreamweaver, perfect my SEO technique and, most importantly, to help and amuse other travellers, I established my website, Overland Traveller, and blog.

Besides writing, I specialise in editing, project management, social media and websites. I am available for commissions and contracts. I write about travel (obviously), lifestyle, weddings, chocolate and anything else that catches my rather discerning eye.

Examples of my published work

My travel history

In 1999 I left school and InterRailed around Europe, taking in 15 destinations in one month. I developed a love of train travel and swore never to squeeze so much into so little a space of time again.

In 2004 I travelled solo from Holland to Singapore by train, bus, boat, bike, camel, horse, Russian Minivan UAZ- 452, rat-infested ferry, ant-infested coach and a pickup truck popular with careless frog traders. 

I spent three months in summer 2009 exploring India’s border regions. I, toured the tea plantations of Assam, blissfully drifted across a lotus flower-strewn lake in Kashmir, dropped my jaw in Rajasthan, counted cows on a beach in Goa and came close to losing control of my bowels on the roads of Ladakh.

From October 2009 to June 2010 I meandered the length of the Americas from Brazil to Canada, or more specifically, from Rio de Janeiro to everyone’s favourite urban destination, Winnipeg. During that time I soared over Rio on a hang glider, puked into phosphorescence while sailing from Colombia to Panama, very slowly braked my way down the world’s most dangerous road on a bike, touched a wild grey whale in Baja and (my proudest achievement yet) was shat on by a monkey in the Pantanal.

Other travels saw me hitch-hike across Norway, have fruitless arguments with Marrakechi taxi drivers, pace the streets of New York City, piggy-back over the floods of Myanmar, drive the length of Britain several times and the length of New Zealand once, gain a healthy fear of heights from Chicago’s glass-bottomed Skydeck and go underground to lead a tour of Moscow’s Metro.

In chronological order, I have also lived for significant periods of time in a quintessentially English village in Berkshire, the picture-perfect Cotswolds, Cardiff, windy Aberdeenshire, North Devon (which will always hold a special place in my heart), Brighton and London, still my favourite city in the world.

My career history

I started as a lowly Editorial Assistant, working on World Travel Guide. A year later I accepted a promotion to the role of Travel Domain Specialist for a new project, vertical search engine Foundography. The project failed but I added a technical string to my editorially dominated qualification bow as I learnt about spider configuration, taxonomies, market research, user and functionality testing and competitor analysis. Shortly before Foundography folded I was asked to apply for the job of Commissioning Editor back on World Travel Guide. From there I progressed to Acting Head of Editorial, managing a team of four editorial staff, a host of freelance contributors, a rapidly developing website and a huge range of travel content.

My education history

To end at the beginning, like most people I went to school. I left the requisite number of years later armed with 11 GCSEs, three A-grade A levels in English Literature, History and Art, a healthy disrespect for organised religion and a thirst to spread my wings. The next logical step was university. Somehow I managed to study literature in respected establishments in England, Scotland and Wales to gain an MA (Designated) in English. Since then I have gained an NCTJ qualification in magazine journalism and pursued the aforementioned career based on the written word.

4 Responses to “About”
  1. Your Dad says:

    Don’t you dare come home if you’re a liberal democrat…I thought I taught you better than that Love Dad xxxsxx

  2. Thanks for teaching me to think for myself, Dad! x

  3. johnppaul pola says:

    Emma, I am a good friend of Craig’s and have just begun reviewing your most recent travels…………I am enjoying them immesely and getting “pumped” up for a trip. That’s how I met Craig…on a trip on the Annapurna Curcuit.

    Thank you for the pleasure of your trips.

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