Travel hair trauma

Dear Reader, you will, I know, be nothing less than thrilled, delighted and relieved to hear that my hair returned to its bouncy, shiny self as soon as we battled our way past those disagreeable border patrol guards and arrived in the United States. My bonce has had a traumatic nine months, losing sight of … Continue reading

Sometimes, the hardest thing about travelling is other travellers…

Who you’re with can make or break a trip. Everyone knows that. You choose your travelling partner carefully and you respect them, just as you expect them to respect you, if you have any self respect, that is.

What makes travel harder are those travellers you don’t choose to travel with, yet end up in the company of, forced to listen to their drivel until your ears bleed.

Why travel just to get drunk?

Travelling drunk. Is it acceptable?

Betel nut in Assam, India

Betel nut, or paan as it’s known in Hindi, is the stuff that turns your teeth and gums bright red, and is responsible for the splashes of what looks like blood on the pavements across India and Southeast Asia.

McDonalds in Agra. Bad girl.

When Delhi belly strikes and you’re far from home, sometimes only the worst kind of comfort food will do; somehow I found myself in McDonald’s in Agra. I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself, but it gave me the energy I needed to see the Taj Mahal…

Jet lag

I’m suffering from jet lag. I must have got about two hours of sleep on the night flight from London Heathrow to Delhi – I blame Virgin’s superb in-flight entertainment system – and then last night I lay frustrated and awake until early morning. My eye bags are vast. This is despite using Healthspan’s Happy Days, … Continue reading