A rant about endless chatter

The view from the minibus I travelled in from Cariari (gateway to Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park) to La Fortuna (for viewing the lava flows of Volcan Arenal) was pleasant enough. But utterly ruined by the constant rabbiting between the driver and two other passengers.


How to help in Cusco, Peru

”I was caught in Aguas Calientes until 29th January with 9 trekkers and 15 porters. We are now fine but many people from Cusco and around the Sacred Valley are not so lucky. Around 13,000 homes collapsed and the families lost everything; they need our help.”

The best things in life are…relatively cheap

They say the best things in life are free. I beg to disagree. Travel, one of the very best things in life according to me, certainly isn’t free. But once you’ve forked out for the flight and accommodation, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Simple pleasures are the best.

A numerical, prosaical and pictorial summary of 100 days in South America

We’ve done it. We’ve travelled through seven South American countries, crossing six land borders, in precisely 99 nights and 100 days. Here’s a statistical summary of our time there.

The Mosquito Riddle

Persons A and B are locked in a room overnight. So are some mosquitoes. Person A is smothered in insect repellent. Person B wears none. Person A wakes up with bites on toes, ankles, hands and face. Person B has none. Guess which person I am.

The importance of accommodation to the experience of a place, or, How Salento nearly sucked

Now that I’m more flashpacker than backpacker, I’m starting to realise the importance of good accommodation when it comes to travel. Salento, in Colombia’s Zona Cafetera, could have been a big fat let down…

Since when is “nothing” a dirty word?

Why does travel have to be about ‘doing stuff’? Sometimes, simply sitting and looking is all it takes…

The Ten Commandments for night bus travellers.

When booking tickets, potential passengers should be asked if they snore, fill out a criminal record check and have mobile phones banned. Here’s my list of ten commandments everyone who has ever travelled by night bus will agree with.

Feel free to add your own!

Christmas away from home

It the most difficult time of the year – Christmas on the road.

Crappy Colca Canyon and the two-month slump

Every long-term traveller hits a down time at some point in their trip. For me it’s at around the two month point – in this case, just when we were about to trek the Colca Canyon. Unsurprisingly, the Colca Canyon was crap…