The eco impact of Brazil to Canada overland, and the knock-on effect on me: part 1

Inner debate on The Canadian © Craig Fast

My Inner Traveller and Inner Environmentalist, two very fiery characters, debate whether or not I should go travelling.


The pros and cons of a youthful appearance when travelling

To set the record straight, I am 29. I will be 30 later this year (and I’m absolutely fine with this, by the way…). Why they thought I was fresh out of university, I don’t know, but I do seem to be developing a trend of misassumption about me…

Isla de Ometepe, or, why I travel

Every so often a place comes along, or more accurately, I come along to a place, that reminds me of why I travel. Nicaragua’s Isla de Ometepe is one of those places.

The Ten Commandments for night bus travellers.

When booking tickets, potential passengers should be asked if they snore, fill out a criminal record check and have mobile phones banned. Here’s my list of ten commandments everyone who has ever travelled by night bus will agree with.

Feel free to add your own!

Christmas away from home

It the most difficult time of the year – Christmas on the road.

What’s with all the unfinished buildings in Peru and Bolivia?

Unfinished buildings in Peru and Bolivia spoil the view for tourists and locals alike. But there is a reason for them…

Why is Chilean radio so awful?

The music aired on Chile’s radio stations is simply awful. Don’t attempt to hire a car without your own source of tunes!

Why is India so incomprehensible?

Everyone who’s been to India will tell you the country is incomprehensible, that there is no way you can ever possibly begin to understand it. Before I went I assumed that was because India is unimaginably vast and diverse. Now, while I, as predicted, cannot fathom the country itself, I think I understand why India is so inconceivable…

White-water rafting on the Zanskar River: a near-death experience

My white-water rafting experience on the Zanskar River was more of a near-death experience….

Culture shock in Goa – who’d’ve thunk it!?

Everyone says that first-timers to India receive a good dose of culture shock when they first arrive. What I absolutely wasn’t prepared for was the culture shock I felt on arriving in Goa two months later.